Transforming your child’s bedroom into a fun and playful space doesn’t have to involve major construction or sky-high budgets. There are plenty of quick-and-easy ways you can turn even the dullest room into a delightful space your little one will love. The key is to take your cues from your child’s interests. Come up with a theme and stick to a simple palette of two or three complimentary colours. Here are my five simple tips for taking your child’s bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Create an imaginative hideaway

For an instant injection of fun, pop a teepee or A-frame tent in the corner of your child’s bedroom. Fill it with comfy cushions and teddies, and you’ll create an inspiring space they can use for everything from imaginative play and reading to quiet time.

You’ll find teepee and A-frame styles in all manner of colours and prints at Mocka. Or, if you’re looking for a project, you could try making your own A-frame tent.

2. Update the bed

Adding a statement bedhead can transform even the plainest bed into an eye-catching focal point, and many of the latest designs cleverly double as play spaces.

Her top picks include the cubby-shaped bed frames at This Little Love and Raw Sunshine Coast; the painted metal and copper bed frames at Incy Interiors, and Heatherly Design’s fabric upholstered bedheads.

Once you’ve got a fabulous bedhead in place, draw the eye in further by piling the bed high with gorgeous bedding and throws, playful cushions, and add eye-catching lighting around it, such as marquee lights, fairy lights, animal-shaped nightlights, or a funky wire-cage pendant suspended from the ceiling.

3. Make the walls pop

As one of the biggest expanses of space in your child’s room, the walls present a real opportunity to have fun.

This is the place to experiment with those bright colours, patterns and statement wallpapers you’ve been dreaming about. Go as bold as you dare! Remember, if it’s paint, you can easily change it down the track.

Stay on-trend, with painted geometrics, chevrons and stripes in pastel shades of mint, pink and purple, interspersed with pops of neon brights. Or, line the walls with wallpaper for a hit of texture and vibrancy.

For renters, use removable wallpaper or wall decals.

4. Add display shelves and shadow boxes

Hexagons, circles, houses, watermelon shelves and MDF display shelves are inexpensive, easy to hang, and there are so many fun styles to choose from. They’re the perfect spot to showcase and store your child’s favourite collections, and present yet another opportunity for interactive play.

Customise the shelves to suit your child’s decor with paint or wallpaper, or by draping over garlands, fairy lights or pom-poms, and then hang them on the wall individually or in clusters.

5. Create an arts and crafts zone

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Encourage their creativity by setting up a dedicated arts and crafts area in their bedroom.

You don’t have to go overboard in order to create an artistic space they’ll love. A craft table with a couple of chairs suited to their size, a mini easel, and some form of display, such as a washing line and pegs hung to the wall, will generally suffice.

Or you could go that one step further and paint an entire wall in chalkboard paint.

Adding in some form of storage is a must, of course, if you want to avoid craft supplies spilling onto the floor.

Think colourful buckets or tubs for tabletop supplies, a storage box on castors that fits under the table, wall pockets for pens and crayons, and a paper roll bracketed to the wall above the table.