The question I get asked most as an interior designer is “How can I create a stylish family home that’s super kid-friendly?” Most people assume that the two don’t go together, and in fact, the only way to ensure that a home works with kids is to keep everything bland (usually beige), and to fill the home with as much cheap, Ikea furniture as possible. And really no room should be out of bounds for kids, it’s your home and a place for everyone to enjoy.

As the mother of 3 young kids and a 2 year old oversized pooch, I understand that the struggle is real. However, creating a beautiful home with little ones tugging at your skirt is absolutely achievable and actually easier than you think. Here are my top tips.


Choose materials that are very durable. For instance, you don’t need to forgo the stunning fabric sofa in place of dated leather one. Choose darker fabrics on sofas and occasional chairs to hide stains from grubby chocolate fingers. Or select a fabric with texture, or a tough, strong fabric like a heavy twill or Ultrasuede versus something more delicate and light, like a cotton or linen. If you’re set on using light-colored fabrics,look for stain resistant options or sofas that have been scotch guarded. Fabrics have come along way over the last few years.


Storage is essential in every family home, so try and squeeze as much of it as possible into your furniture without it being on show. There is nothing nice about textas, lego and the tons of toys on display in your living room when guest pop round. Look for end tables with storage, small ottomans with storage, and add pretty baskets with lids to hide away toys. And most importantly, organise your storage so everything has a place. This makes it easy when packing away toys and even easier when locating them to play.


There’s no doubt that interior style comes through texture and pattern. It elevates that home out of the stale and boring into the modern and stylish.And the best bit, is pattern and texture hide spills and stains that were caused when the OJ got spilt or the Spag Bol somehow ended up on the rug. Choose cushions with colour to avoid grabby marks, add a throw for a pop of colour and to protect the sofa, Add occasional chairs in an off-set colour like navy to add colour and energy but also disguise stains.